jstsf asked: You definitely seem like cool people. Enjoy your summer abroad.

you too dude! and also  have an amazing summmmmer ever!! :) 

by me.

Visual Graphc: Design Inspiration Websites


I guess I don’t need to justified myself, but in this case I will, I didn’t posted a list or give websites names because of two reasons: I was on the iPad Tumblr thing, it would’ve take me all night to get the sites and link every one of them, and like I said, I reinstalled the OS on my laptop,…

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sassssygirrl asked: cloud i have your instagram pls? xx

hey babe!

i have instagram but my profile is private! ;(


nainglin asked: it was good, relaxing day today. Where do you live?

I live in Barcelona ;) xx

nainglin asked: how was your day beautiful ? =]

It was a great day! how was yourssss?:)xx

nainglin asked: i'd be cool to get to know you if you had an email or something lol. i deactivated fb for a while. message me if you want to talk =S

yeah it ‘d be cooooooooool xx

nainglin asked: Hi there, you're really cute =]

Hey!Thanks boo  ;)xx 

velvetmumble asked: hey, are you from barcelona? xx

I’m from South Korea ;) xoxo 

palms--up asked: what's your nationality + background?


I’m South Korean.xx 

jooyceinthebox asked: que estudias?


 Estudio la  publicidad y diseno grafico ;)!!